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We help you determine the pathway that is best for your family after separation or divorce and provide the support and tailored advice you need along the way.


Property Settlement

Know where you stand - Dividing assets and liabilities after relationship breakdown can be complex. Safeguard your future through a binding finanical agreement, property orders made by a court.

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Parenting Post-Separation

Understand the likely outcomes when parents can’t agree on where children should live and adopt an approach that will keep your family out of court.

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Child Support can be confusing. We can assist you negotiate and formalise a binding child support agreement.

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Intervention orders

Family Violence and Personal Safety Intervention Orders are there to keep people safe. Get in touch if you need one. Focus on Family’s highest priority is safety.

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If you are representing yourself in family court proceedings, ask us about our self-representation service. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Wills & Power of attorney

After relationship breakdown it is crucial to put in place a valid will that ensures your children’s future is protected. We offer a convenient in-home and after hours will service for busy families.

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I had a family law matter which needed to be revisited after some years of being finalized. Throughout the process and indeed in my every dealing with Bonnie, I found her to be the most professional lawyer I have ever dealt with. It was truly refreshing to discover that there are people such as Bonnie out there who are genuinely interested in both a realistic and positive client outcome. I felt very reassured dealing with Focus on Family and would not hesitate in recommending them.

— T.S., Geelong, Victoria


Discover the pathway to separation that works best for your family